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This is where I share sneak peeks with my clients and tidbits of my family through photography. I'm very blessed to be doing what I've always wanted to do... stay at home with my 3 beautiful children and photograph those around me; all with the support of my loving husband. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy a little bit of us and my photography! Oh and I love comments... Let me know you're reading and what you like about it! Jill Cornelius **If you're looking for older posts, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find the archives. Then you can select the month or exact post you're looking for.

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Jill is a Rockwall, Caddo Mills, Royse City, and other surrounding East Dallas areas Family, Baby, and Children Photographer Specializing in Natural Light On Location Photography.


Wow! What a weekend!

This weekend has been a whirlwind! But I loved every minute of it. It started fairly early Friday, when I did my usual morning of gym stuff (cycle on Fridays), but then I headed home to get ready to photograph my first wedding that afternoon--as a 2nd shooter. There were actually 4 of us shooting the wedding and it was great. I learned so much and plan to put it to use in the future. I've actually picked up a few weddings this year (my first being in a couple of weeks) to test the waters and see if that is a route I want to go. Don't worry--I'll still do portrait photography! Love that and won't ever quit it... The wedding was a 12 hour event for me since the wedding was in a good 1.5 hr drive from me, so my drive started at 1 pm and by the end of the evening and the drive home it was almost 1 am. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Gorgeous venue. All great! I can't post any sneaks of that yet until the main photographer delivers to the bride, but I'll be sure to come back with a peek once I can!

Saturday. Had a great family of 5 meet me at the park. Sweet, sweet, family. We actually had our session booked since December! We decided to wait until baby sister was 6 months to do the session in March. Had a little set-back and postponed it a bit to May. Well, we thought the rain was going to make us push it back more, but we got it done. Even through some misting and sprinkles. Sneak peek for that one coming soon, so be sure to check back! I had a shoot that afternoon with a couple and their dog, but the rain was approaching fast, so we were able to push it up a couple of hours and let me tell you, it was just in time! Great couple! We chatted, laughed, etc. We even got to use my 'ugly' chair and I think it turned out great with their outfits and the settings. I'll be back later with a sneak of that one too!

So you know how I said the rain was approaching fast, well... I literally made it home from my shoot, got settled in at the computer to transfer pics to the computer when my dad called to let me know tornado had been spotted in a nearby town and should hit our area within 10 minutes. I made it from the bedroom to the kitchen when I saw Kev practically run from the back door, swoop Haidyn up off the couch (she was napping) and tell me and Maddie to get in the laundry room. Later I found out that he saw the wind (probably tornado) lift the trampoline off the ground (which was anchored in the dirt) and felt the glass in the door start to move. It was over in a matter of minutes (if that long). Our trampoline ended in the neighbor's lot across the street (at least a football field or so away). It did hit our roof in the process, puncturing it with a hole and then damaged the guttering on two sides of the house... Actually hit Kev's car too, but no damage to it. Thank God! So for now, we temporarily patched the roof until the insurance adjuster can come out, but we're grateful that it didn't do more damage. The hole appears to be over the eave of the roof, which has holes (vents) so the water hopefully is coming out as fast as it came in and not getting in the walls of the house.

So all in all, an eventful weekend, but a great one. I did have to cancel two sessions today, but we've already got one rescheduled and the other will be too. One is a bridal that I can't wait to do! I've got several ideas for that shoot and it'll be more fun and out of the box stuff than traditional! Then the other is a family at the arboretum. Love that place! Can't wait to see what's in bloom after all this rain.

Well, no pics for now, but be sure to check back with sneaks of this weekend. Have a great Sunday (and rest of the week)!

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Amy said...

Wow! That's crazy with the trampoline! We were having people over and watching the weather to try to plan our BBQ around the storms and I saw tornado warnings out your way. Glad all is okay.


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