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This is where I share sneak peeks with my clients and tidbits of my family through photography. I'm very blessed to be doing what I've always wanted to do... stay at home with my 3 beautiful children and photograph those around me; all with the support of my loving husband. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy a little bit of us and my photography! Oh and I love comments... Let me know you're reading and what you like about it! Jill Cornelius **If you're looking for older posts, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find the archives. Then you can select the month or exact post you're looking for.

JC-Originals Photography

Jill is a Rockwall, Caddo Mills, Royse City, and other surrounding East Dallas areas Family, Baby, and Children Photographer Specializing in Natural Light On Location Photography.


Happy, Happy Easter!

This year Easter will be twice the fun for this family... You see--two weeks ago, they welcomed two new members to their family. Mr. A and Miss E--together they were a whopping 9 lbs. 10 oz., with Mr. A being the smaller one at 4 lbs. 8 oz. and Miss A at 5 lbs. 2 oz. They're also my newest baby planners, so how much fun is that going to be to see them grow up over the next year?!

I'll go ahead and get to sharing since there are twice as many pics to share--they were so sweet! It was so neat--apart they were almost unsettled, but once we put them together, they were like two peas in a pod--so comfy!

Little bunnies...

I love how Little Man is all snuggled up to his sister!

Can't you just smell that sweet newborn smell--love baby heads!
20 perfect toes!

Lovin' each other...

It was so neat to see them all peaceful--their arms and hands would end up doing the same thing, but just opposites!

Don't you want to just cuddle with them? I do!

Holding hands.

Mr. A's big yawn!

He was so tiny! Not even 5 lbs. yet...

Then sweet sister--she had the cutest little face.

Isn't is just precious?!

Baby birds!

I thought this would be a neat idea...

Now a few to show you how tiny they are in daddy's arms!

All done... That was fun!

Thank you C family--I can't wait to get to know these two over this next year. And next time, hopefully I'll get to meet Big Sister!



**Almost time to announce the April Special... Are you ready?


Oh How I Love this Age!

Miss G did not disappoint... She was such a trooper. Big smiles with her two little teeth, sitting so tall, while putting everything she could reach in her mouth. LOL! I love this age for all those reasons.

First, we got a little in her Easter dress...

Then we tried her little springy dress and hat with some cute flowers!

Mom said she looked great in this color--I have to agree!
We put her on her belly and she immediately flipped over to her back.

Miss Gwennie!

Love her little smile and pretty blues!

Little bunny!


Happy Easter!

Some mommy lovin'!

Thank you G family! Miss G was such a good little model.


Flower Baby!

My latest baby planner has recently turned 7 months and just keeps getting cuter and cuter. According to mom she is Miss Social and I can vouch for that... She let me hold her and even gave me a little lovin'! So sweet! Easy-going too.

Mom had a bunny for our session.

How sweet is that little smile??

Mommy & Carly time!

Love this 2nd pic...

I have to say she was mesmerized by my basket. We'd put her in and she would just look at it and check it out.

Perfect outfit for those pretty blues!

Little Flower Baby...

Remember how we tell when the session is over?? Well--here's another indicator. LOL!

We wore the poor baby out! She was so good too, but when she was done--she was done. And off to take her nap!

Thank you C family! It's so much fun to see Miss Carly grow up.


Today is the first day of Spring??

Wow! You'd never know it, huh? It's freezing! Kind of crazy after the past several nice days we've had. I hear it's the last 'freeze' so that'll be good for those that want to start those flowers and yard stuff. I can't wait for green--ready for some spring pictures!

Well, I'm pretty much rambling... I tried out some lighting that a friend let me borrow. Caleb posed for me and I thought the two of these turned out pretty cute.

I've got to figure out how to get the light source lower... I'd prefer much more light in his eyes, but I think for the first time to use them, not too shabby. LOL!

I've got a slew of 6 month olds coming up! Can't wait... 2 girls and a boy within the next week. Oh and the March Baby Plan Special is almost up... A little over a week left. Be sure to sign up if you plan on it so that you can qualify for that 6th session complimentary! Or tell your expecting friends about it.

I'll be announcing April's Special soon, so be on the watch for that. See you soon!


Already ONE!

I can't believe my sweet little Miss K is already ONE! Wow, where did the year go? I still remember how excited her mommy was when I got to come that first time... And every time since then! You see, Miss K's mommy is my cousin, so when we were younger we were basically unseperable. As we got older, we still had contact at the family gatherings, but not as often as we probably should, so this has been great to be able to see them more often (every 3 months to be exact)! Gosh, we'll have to plan real get-togethers now that her 1st year has come to an end.

Miss K was a little shy at first, she had just woken up from her nap--plus there was a scary kitty in our 'studio', but we still managed to get some adorable pics! I think mommy is going to be happy once she sees these...

Here we go... Lovin' her little Lamby!

She's walking!

How cute is this Easter dress?

Precious with a capital P!

The faces of a sweet girl...

Her serious smile...

Her BIG smile!

Putting her babies to bed...

My favorite one! Love her expression!

And she's off...

Then a collage to show off her first year... So neat to see her growth compared to Lamby!

Thank you S family for letting me capture Miss K's first year! It's bittersweet to it happen all too fast. Can't wait until our next meeting!


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