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Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is where I share sneak peeks with my clients and tidbits of my family through photography. I'm very blessed to be doing what I've always wanted to do... stay at home with my 3 beautiful children and photograph those around me; all with the support of my loving husband. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy a little bit of us and my photography! Oh and I love comments... Let me know you're reading and what you like about it! Jill Cornelius **If you're looking for older posts, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find the archives. Then you can select the month or exact post you're looking for.

JC-Originals Photography

Jill is a Rockwall, Caddo Mills, Royse City, and other surrounding East Dallas areas Family, Baby, and Children Photographer Specializing in Natural Light On Location Photography.


One more day...

Until we leave for vacation... A much needed vacation at that. And if all goes as planned I'll have a new Mac when I return or soon afterwards. I'm bummed to be without an editing computer and to have missed my deadline on a few sessions, but I'm hoping this new computer will be bigger and better and I'll not have these issues again. Well, at least for a long time!

I will be placing orders as I can... As long as no edits were needed and they are ordered as edited, they will be placed before I leave. Otherwise, I will order them once I can edit, which hopefully will be in a week.

I really appreciate my clients and how understanding they've been. It means the world to me. I'm excited about the upcoming holiday season... Yep, I know it's July, but come come end of August we'll be preparing for the many sessions and return clients that come to see me to capture their yearly family photo and create their custom holiday cards. So be sure to get on my calendar soon... It'll be booked before you know it. My holiday season will end Nov. 15th for those needing holiday cards... That way I have plenty of time to finish sessions and get holiday cards printed and back to you to mail to your friends and family. Stay tuned too for a mini-holiday session that is geared towards those of you mainly wanting a session just to get the holiday card. There will be 1 or 2 weekends that I will hold these special sessions.

Well, I better get back to packing. I'll be in touch soon!


Once again...

Well, it is with my deepest sympathies that I write you all from the PC. Mac has crashed again. Dear hubby has spent all evening trying to figure out why it kept acting up on me today and has gotten the dreaded grey screen. Not good-once again!

We're doing what we can to get up and running again, but at the moment, I'm down--which means all editing is down.

Thanks for understanding and I'll be in touch soon!


Headshot or Snapshot? Either way, I love 'em!

I'm on a blogging high today! I am in catch-up mode actually preparing for our upcoming vacation... I figured I'd throw in a little personal post for fun because I find the busier I am with clients, the less I even get my camera out to capture those moments with my own kids. So the other day I broke out the camera and snapped a few of each of the kiddos. Somewhere along the line our kids ended up with blue eyes-blue eyes of all different shades... Crazy because mine are green and Kev's are hazel, but we do have grandmothers on both sides with blue eyes, so it's in the family!

So, I just thought I'd share a close-up of each kiddo. I can't believe how big they're getting. If you look close enough, you can see my reflection in their eyes... Especially Haidyn's!

Miss Maddie--7.5 years old and soon-to-be 2nd grader! Her eyes have gotten darker over the years.

Miss Haidyn--almost 4.5 years old. I think she has the iciest blue eyes of the trio.

My little man, Caleb. Almost 2! One more month. I think he has the most striking blue of the three and the longest lashes actually. On the boy--of course!

So there you have it... Just thought I'd share a little bit of 'us' since I hadn't lately. Be sure to scroll down though because I did post two more posts today from recent sessions.

Another baby planner is 3 months old!

All my baby planners are getting so big... I love having them and getting to see how much they've grown from session to session. This is Mr. L. He is a handsome little guy--very serious too! I find it hilarious how these little ones check my camera out--who knew at 3 months they'd be so alert and aware that someone is taking their picture! He's another one of those baby boys with baby blues. Watch out mommy and daddy!

See... Right off the bat, he was checking out that big, black thing in front of my face!
He loved chewing on those fingers...

Check out that big boy!

See--there's those eyes I was talking about!

And again!

Sweet mommy & me time...

Good kisses from daddy...
A family of 3!

Thank you R family... Mr. L was a champ... I'll be in touch soon!

Oh and be sure to scroll down to another new post from today if you haven't seen it yet!

Bundle of Boy!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a new family that is going to be introducing a baby boy to their family real soon. Big sister was a cutie! She started out a little shy, warmed up to me while I was setting my stuff up and then was ready for some Caillou before too long... Love it! A little bit of skittle snacks to keep her going and we got some cute stuff.

Here are some of my favs...

I love the interaction stuff...
Family time before 3 becomes 4!

Mommy glow!

With love...

See, don't you love the interaction stuff?

Baby bump.

Proud daddy!

Big sister touch!


Thank you J Family! I can't wait to meet your little bundle of boy... I've got a few poses with big sis that hopefully we'll get to try out.

P.S. If you're reading this via Google Reader, hop on over to the actual blog and let me know what you think of the new look for JC-Originals... My goal was to have a new site and blog by the end of July, but for now it'll just be the blog. Hopefully the site will come sooner than later! Oh and the blog is a work in progress--right now the archives are at the bottom, but I hope to have them in a drop-down menu soon.


More newborn sweetness...

Today, I met another sweet little girl AND her big brother and big sister! This sweet little girl was 16 days old and once again proved my theory of the 5-7 day old preference can be broken. She slept just as well as my younger babies and let me pose her in all different directions--only letting out a little noise when I would move her... Then it was right back to sleeping peacefully.

Here are some of my favorite shots...

Gotta love baby smiles!

I think this one is announcement material!

Snug as a bug...

Baby feet...

New mommy glow, as my hubby calls it!

Proud siblings!

Thank you L family for contacting me! I'm so glad we met--thank you to our mutual friend that sent you my way... Talk to you soon when the proofs are ready!


Meet Miss K--8 days old!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my next baby planner. She is a patriotic baby--born on 4th of July! And let me tell you she is a petite little girl. So sweet! One of her grandmothers was there helping, which is always nice and then dad showed up a little later after church to join in on the fun. Oh and let me tell you, this family heard about me through some co-workers of mom's and by the end of the session we realized that they attend one of my closest friend's FIL's church. Dad and friend's hubby actually do some work together. Small world, huh?!

Okay, I'm sure you're here to see pictures and not hear stories, so on to the good stuff.

Here she is!

I think this might be my favorite... love her little lips, tiny toes and booty in the air!

How adorable is this bow? Can't you see her as she grows into it at each session--holding her head up, sitting up, standing and then walking!

We had to do something patriotic since she is a 4th of July baby.

Looking mighty tiny is daddy's large hands.

Mommy lovin'!

The new family!

Thank you C Family! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek... I will be in touch soon when the rest of your proofs are ready!


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