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This is where I share sneak peeks with my clients and tidbits of my family through photography. I'm very blessed to be doing what I've always wanted to do... stay at home with my 3 beautiful children and photograph those around me; all with the support of my loving husband. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy a little bit of us and my photography! Oh and I love comments... Let me know you're reading and what you like about it! Jill Cornelius **If you're looking for older posts, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find the archives. Then you can select the month or exact post you're looking for.

JC-Originals Photography

Jill is a Rockwall, Caddo Mills, Royse City, and other surrounding East Dallas areas Family, Baby, and Children Photographer Specializing in Natural Light On Location Photography.



Edited to say... Wow! I did this post late the other night and my eyes must have been tired because now I see something went wrong when I posted my edits. They are not near as sharp as I see in Photoshop. Back to the drawing board. Excuse my poor examples here... I'll re-post the pics when I figure out what went wrong! Okay, fixed two, one to go, but gotta get ready to pick Miss Maddie Moo from school, so be back later.

Raw? I'm sure you're asking, what in the world is RAW? Well, it's actually Camera Raw. You know when you set your camera to Fine, Normal, or Basic... Raw is actually a step up from Fine. It actually does as it's called... It captures the image in it's raw state so in the long-run you can tweak just about every aspect there is... Choose the wrong WB (white balance)? Underexposed? Overexposed? No problem, just select one of the other settings and tweak to your liking when editing!

Actually Raw scares me... or it has in the past. Today I ventured into the raw setting. Of course I was just practicing on my kiddos out front, but I can definitely see how it would be useful. I was also shooting wide open (smallest aperature possible) while still trying to get tack sharp images. Not just crisp, but so crisp you can see every detail in their face.

I definitely got it in this one... Ignore the setting! Old carseat sitting on floor of garage. Heck, it held her still (no she wasn't buckled in), it was just a fun spot to sit! Oh and don't even get me started on her hair... Poor thing inherited mommy's fine locks. This one is actually maybe a tad hard to tell since I didn't crop in any closer, but if you could zoom into her eyes you could see how detailed they are. You can practically count every lash!

Not as sharp as the first, but pretty darn close. I can count lashes and see the tiny fine hair falling in her face.

This one isn't as sharp as the other two, but still great. I just thought she looked cute leaning over the seat. I've found a new sweet spot outside and I get great catchlights without any reflectors... Well, no man-made ones, just the natural ones!

I'm sure this post isn't very interesting to most of you, so just ignore for now. Or just ignore the text and check out my cuties! ;-)

I've been on a practicing streak, trying to fine-tune my skills and gearing up for this holiday season. With that in mind... Have you booked your session yet? Don't wait any longer because I'm booking up and I'd hate for you to miss your opportunity. I've got some great designs this year that I'd love to put to use for your holiday cards. Email me today!

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The Copeland Family said...

What a great photo lesson, thanks Jill...and, I enjoyed seeing your cuties, too!


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